Attraction are the world’s leading and most sought after Shadow and Black Light Theatre Company in the world. With their revolutionary and awe-inspiring performances, Attraction absorbs their audiences into a new dimension. Formed in 2004 by prolific Hungarian Artist and Choreographer Zoltan Szucs; Attraction have toured the world, creating consistent demand for their unique art that has the ability to cross borders, break language barriers and emotionally touch the hearts of nations across the globe.

In 2013, Attraction won the largest televised talent contest in the world ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and became the first foreign act to do so – their art had the ability to touch the hearts of audiences of more than 50 million throughout the world. Zoltan then set his sights on London’s prestigious West End to premiere Attraction’s highly anticipated full length production “The Box” premiering it at the London Palladium. Receiving rave reviews, Attraction are delighted to be touring “The Box” throughout the world, and with America in their sights, Las Vegas is set to be next.

Attraction have also been involved in many successful advertising campaigns and launches with globally recognised brands such as Coca Cola, Chevrolet, BMW, LG, Novotel, Nokia, Dolce & Gabbana, Unilever and Swinton Insurance as well as recently performing at the draw for FIFA’s 2019 Women’s World Cup in Paris. Attraction will also be competing with the best of the best talent and previous winners from the ‘Got Talent’ shows across over 50 countries on the brand new ‘America’s Got Talent – The Champions’ airing January 2019 on NBC in the US.

With more than 200 million YouTube views and live performances in front of thrilled audiences matching that incredible figure, the demand for Attraction continues to soar.

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